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Inventus Power’s protect the pack safety technology makes Wolf Pack portable chargers the SAFEST portable chargers in the world.


Poorly designed lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous. Don’t bother with dangerous, low-quality lithium-ion batteries. 

Watch the video below to see how Wolf Pack portable chargers blow away the competition.

Ballistic Test

Ballistic Test


Wolf Pack 810-FR is the world’s only commercial portable charger to remain operational after a bullet puncture event!

Burnt up competitors.JPG

The Other Guys: Puncture or damage to a lithium-ion cell can lead to a thermal runaway event.

​protect the pack safety protections 

  • Short Circuit

  • Over-Voltage Primary 

  • Over-Current Primary 

  • Enhanced Flammability Protection

  • Over-Voltage Secondary 

  • Over-Current Secondary 

  • Cell Over-Temperature

  • Cell Under-Temperature

  • Cell Under-Voltage 

  • Drop / Vibration / Shock / Crush Proof

  • IP68 -- Waterproof

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