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frequently asked questions

Q:  Can I bring the Wolf Pack on a plane? 

A:  Yes the Wolf Pack 810-FR is safe and approved for air travel! Bring the Wolf Pack in your carryon bag and be sure to follow all travel regulations. 

Q:  What types of devices can I charge with the Wolf Pack 810-FR? 

A:  The Wolf Pack 810-FR has a USB Type A port for charging all your favorite devices. You can charge smartphones, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, cameras, GPS, and many more!  

Q:  Wolf Pack 810-FR is charging slowly or not charging. It has been charging plugged into my computer for over 5 hours and the LEDs have not changed much! Is it broken? 

A:  No it is most likely NOT broken. The issue is your computer can only provide 0.5 Amps of power or about 2.5 Watts. Try charging with a wall adapter capable of providing 15 Watts (5 Volts at  

3 Amps) and it will charge much faster! The Wolf Pack 810-FR is an extremely high capacity portable charger designed to power all your devices for days in remote locations without access to power.  See the below recommended Wall Adapter:

Q:  Can I shoot the Wolf Pack 810-FR?  

A:  Do not shoot, puncture, or abuse the Wolf Pack 810-FR. The ballistic test video is a demonstration of the Enhanced Flammability Protection offered in the product. In this case, a bullet is used for initiating thermal runaway. This test was performed by industry professionals. Do not attempt. 

Q:  When I plug in my headphones to the Wolf Pack, it doesn't show as charging. Is the product broken? 

A:  Sometimes end user devices that are not designed properly to the USB specifications do not connect automatically to the Wolf Pack 810-FR. Press the power button on the Wolf Pack and your device should start charging. 

Q:  After a few seconds of charging my iPhone, the LEDs on the Wolf Pack turn off. Is it still charging? 

A:  Yes the Wolf Pack is still charging your device. The LEDs on the Wolf Pack turn off to conserve energy. Press the power button to illuminate the State of Charge indicator.  See Specs for more info! 

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